Watch the videos from your computer in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy the videos on your iPad or tablet while doing some knitflixing.

Take the videos with you everywhere and watch from your phone.

Learn from a professional knitter!

With many years of experience as a professional knitter for the film and TV industry, I have perfected what it takes to make my knits flawless. They have to be worthy to be worn by the stunning Mindy Kaling on Hulu's The Mindy Project!

The Learn with Knitsy Academy teaches an endless amount of tips, tricks, and techniques so that you can be more confident in your knitting skills and be proud of your finished knits!

Within the community, you can receive personal help from a professional knitter! I have helped hundreds of students with pattern questions, finishing suggestions, and diagnosed their "what did I do?!" situations.

Create knits with flawless finishes!

Step by step tutorials to help you from cast on to bind off (and blocking)!

Learn new stitches and techniques that you can carry over to all your future projects!

Want to upgrade your knitting skills?!

The Learn with Knitsy Academy will give you all the knitting skills you need to become the awesome knitter you want to be!

Enjoy these amazing perks for signing up:

  • full project step by step tutorials
  • new projects added approximately every month
  • beautiful ad-free pdf pattern downloads that you can print or view from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • the luxury of watching the videos over and over as much as you need
  • plenty of tips and tricks to make your knitting life easier
  • videos for both English AND Continental knitters
  • a place within the classes for questions and to show off your FOs (finished objects)
  • a private Facebook knitting community of wonderful people just like you!
  • a place to ask me questions on whatever projects you are working on (I am a professional knitter and seasoned teacher and will be there to help you on any projects you are working on)
  • super cool monthly giveaways
  • and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Do you...

...want to make one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones?

...want to have a healthy way to relieve stress?

...want to have a hobby that can go anywhere you go?

...want to use all your waiting around time productively?

...want to create beautiful handmade pieces that you can be proud of?

...just want to be able to say "I made that!" to all your friends?

If your answer is yes to any (or all!) of the questions above, then you are in the right place!

Knitting is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life for those of us that are proud to call ourselves knitters.

With the Learn with Knitsy Academy, you can:

  • upgrade your knitting skills
  • create amazingly memorable gifts for everyone you love
  • learn new techniques that will take your knitting to another level
  • add oodles of tips to your knitting bag of tricks
  • gain so many new skills that will make your finished knits flawless
  • gain new nuggets of knowledge that will make your knitting life so much easier
  • and so much more!

With two sticks, a ball of yarn, and your hands, the knitting world has an endless amount of new skills for you to learn.

When you purchase the Learn with Knitsy Academy for a one time price (or the 3 month payment option), you have full access to all the projects within the school and you can watch and re-watch videos at your own pace (and in your pajamas!) within the comfort of your home or on the go.

And that's not all! You will be part of a private Facebook community where you can ask me any and all knitting questions you have on whatever project you are working on!

The Learn with Knitsy Academy is not only about the projects I design, it's about making you a more confident knitter. If you need help with other projects you are working on, I will be there to guide your way! It definitely doesn't hurt to have quick access to a professional knitter and seasoned teacher!

Hi, I’m Krista (aka Knitsy)!

And this is my fur baby, Phinny. I love to knit. No matter where in the world I am, I have my knitting within reach.

As a professional knitter, I have knit (and crocheted!) for numerous TV shows, movies, commercials, and even high end fashion designers. My resume includes knits for Stranger Things, The Mindy Project, Annabelle Comes Home, Hocus Pocus 2, and so many other projects.

I absolutely love my job, but the best part about knitting is the community that surrounds the fiber world. Knitters are just plain awesome!

Join me on this incredible journey and learn new tips, tricks, and techniques that will really upgrade your knitting superpowers! I will let you in on all my secrets for creating flawless pieces for the big screen so you can create flawless knits as well!

Sign up today and begin upgrading your knitting skills immediately! Learn amazing finishing techniques, tricks to reading your work, and tips on making your knitting easier and look more professionally finished!

Be a more confident knitter!

Watch videos on your time!

Receive help on any project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay each month?
Nope! Once you sign up, you're in for good! No monthly memberships or fees. It's a one and done plan! (If you sign up for the 3 or 5 month option - it's a small 3 or 5 and done plan!)

Do I have to pay when new classes are added?
Nope! You will be able to access any and all classes uploaded to the Learn with Knitsy Academy at no extra cost! That's access to all the current classes as well as all future classes added.

Why should I sign up now?
Excellent question! As more classes are added, the price will continue to increase. There are already over 15 full project tutorials within the Academy and more will continue to be added. Think of all the awesome finishing techniques you can start learning TODAY! Don't let another knitted piece be finished without having all the tools you need to make sure your knits are flawless!

How many times can I watch the videos?
You can watch as many times as your little knitting heart desires!

What will I learn in these classes?
I sprinkle new techniques, tips, and tricks throughout every project I teach. It's impossible to teach EVERY SINGLE SKILL in a single project. So I add little gold nuggets of knowledge to your knitting bag of tricks with each project you make. I specialize in finishing techniques that will leave your knits flawless. So much of what I do has to look good on a big screen, so if every stitch isn't perfect, it really shows! Learn all my knitting secrets!

What types of projects will be available inside the Learn with Knitsy Academy?
All of the original designs by Krista Ann project based courses will be available as soon as you sign up. New projects are added approximately once a month.
Classes taught by Krista Ann based off of other designer's patterns will be included as well. This is subject to change based on the contract worked out with the individual designers.
Techniques courses will not be included in the bundle. However, when these courses are released, you will receive a limited time offer to purchase them at a deeply discounted price.

Do I have to pay when new classes are added?
Nope! You will be able to access any and all project based classes uploaded to the Learn with Knitsy Academy at no extra cost!

What if I have knitting questions on projects not taught inside the Academy?
Guess what?! You will be part of private Facebook community where you are encouraged to ask any and all knitting related questions on whatever project you are working on. I will personally work with you to help answer any questions you have on any project you are working on. Whatever I can do to help you be happier and more successful with your knitting is my number one goal. Ask away!

What type of projects are in the Academy?
There are all kinds of projects to make. Hats, cowls, bags, shawls, sweaters, and so on will all be part of the Learn with Knitsy Academy. With a new project added approximately every month - you will have plenty to keep you busy and upgrading those knitting skills with every class!